Your Property is Damaged. Now What?

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Filing an insurance claim for property damage can seem daunting, and depending on the extent of the damage can be a very emotional and complicated process.

If something has happened to your home or business, here’s what you can expect to do in the following days and weeks through the insurance claim process.

  1. Take measures to protect your property from any further damage. 
  2. Get a copy of your insurance policy and declarations page.
  3. Read and understand the “Duties in the Event of Loss or damage” section of your policy.
  4. Call your agent to report the claim and follow up with a written notice of loss.
  5. Assess damage and take an inventory of your possessions. Your insurance company will want an extensive spreadsheet of everything you own and what it’s worth.
  6. Schedule a meeting with your insurance company’s adjuster.
  7. Collect and keep your receipts if you have had to seek accommodation and have accumulated alternative living expenses.
  8. Get an estimate for the total cost to repair and rebuild and damaged structures and replace any items from a qualified contractor or estimator.
  9. Photos, photos, photos! Take lots of photos of any damage and throughout the claim process.
  10. Collect and keep invoices and expense receipts for any work.
  11. Make copies of any financial transactions with your contractor. Make note of your deductible and issue separate payments to your contractor for the deductible.
  12. Prepare a signed, sworn proof of loss within 60 days of your loss date.
  13. Prepare statements to collect depreciation on your claim if you have “replacement cost value” in your policy.
  14. After much effort and hands-on management, you’re finally back to where you were before your loss!

If you think this sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone. Skip a few steps and call Blackstone Claim Services instead!

The burden of proof for damages is on the policyholder, not the insurance company. You’ll be in a better negotiating position by hiring a company that has your interests in mind throughout the entirety of your insurance claim process. You wouldn’t allow the IRS to calculate your income tax forms! Why would you want your insurance company to estimate and adjust your property loss! Hire the professionals at Blackstone Claim Services and put many years of experience that we have to measure, document and present your claim for damages. 

Why hire Blackstone Claim Services?

Many public insurance adjusters operate as sole proprietors. There is nothing wrong with hiring a single individual to assist you in your claim but  Blackstone brings you an entire team of experienced professionals who are not only focused on getting your claim paid but also on providing the best customer service experience in the industry. Getting answers to your questions about your claim is important. Keeping your claim moving forward is a high priority in our firm. Our team of administrators, adjusters, estimators and claim examiners are at your service!