Dear Mr. Pennington,Thank you so much for all your hard work in administrating my insurance claim for water damage. It was very comforting to know that I had someone on my side to negotiate my property claim with my insurance company.My insurance company absolutely refused to honor my complete claim for the water damage stemming from melting ice under my 2nd story A/C unit. They offered me less than $1,930.00 after my deductible of $2,150.00. They simply did not want to take care of all of the damage. I was impressed how you got me paid more than I was initially offered and how you were able to work with my contractor to get all of the work completed. You even assisted me in getting all of the recoverable depreciation on my claim! All in all, you negotiated over $23,000.00 to take care of the actual damages, not what the carrier wanted to pay and continually ignored. Thank you for your professional manner and overall service. It was truly a stress-free experience. The paperwork alone is overwhelming for the average homeowner. I would recommend Blackstone Claim Services to anyone who has an insurance claim.


Homeowner, Windcrest TX

Mr. Pennington, I wanted to send you a letter to personally thank you and your staff for all you did to make my Hurricane Ike claim right. After having to evacuate for 8 days, we arrived to our home looking like a war zone. It took us 3 hours just to park in our driveway. We contacted our insurance company upon arrival to schedule an adjustment. They seemed polite and told us not to worry; everything would be taken care of. I contacted the adjuster and the insurance company numerous times over the next 2 months. They finally said they had finished the adjustment, and said the total they would pay for all damages was $15,350.05. I didn't know what to do. That was nowhere near close enough to repair our home. This was barely enough money to pay for the removal of the 7 mature trees that were lying on the house, much less all the damage from the storm. I recognized that to get the money I needed to repair my home would require someone who had knowledge and experience in handling these matters. I contacted Gary Pennington and you went to work to fight for my insurance claim. You met with the insurance adjuster at our home twice to fight for the money we deserved. I am so thankful that you were able to get us a total $77,090.66. Thanks to you and your team we are finally able to repair our home. You got us $61,740.61 more than the insurance company was going to pay. I am so thankful there is a company like yours out there to make things right. I would recommend that anyone who has an insurance claim call Gary Pennington to get the help they need to recover the money they deserve.Thank you so much,

Dathan & Sherrie Raynes

Homeowners, Baytown TX