Hail Damage Claims

Hail Damage Claims

Has your property been hit by hail? In our experience, 99% of hail claims are underpaid.

Tornado Damage Claims

Tornado Damage Claims

After a mass & unexpected catastrophe like a tornado, low settlements and delays for policyholders aren’t uncommon. We will ensure that your insurance company won’t steer your insurance claims process.

Water Damage & Flood Claims

Following a major flood event, it may take a long time for your insurance company to process the thousands of flood claims. A PA can dedicate his time to your specific claim so you receive everything you are entitled to.

Fire Damage Claims

Fire Damage Claims

Fire losses can be traumatic for you, your family, and your business. We’ll help make the insurance claim process as smooth and speedy as possible.



An insured can invoke appraisal to provide a speedy, simple, and fair method of determining the amount of your loss.

Hurricane Claims

Hurricane Claims

If you’re unrepresented in a hurricane loss, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table. On average, insurance companies pay 40 to 60 cents on the dollar for hurricane-related losses.


We Document Everything

We pay attention to the details of documenting damages and have the construction and estimating know-how to rebuild. Our estimates are detailed and precise. This assures you that things will not be overlooked.

We Negotiate For You

Under Texas Law only Public Adjusters are licensed to negotiate on your behalf. We undergo rigorous training and licensing with the state so we can serve your interests.

Scheduling Assessments, Meetings, and Follow-Ups

We know what to say, how to say, what to look for, and identify any red flags and potential issues.

We Understand the Policy Jargon

Legalese not your first language? Not a problem with a licensed and experienced public adjuster to help navigate the insurance process.

Your Contents Are Important

In a tornado or similar loss, the contents of your property can be damaged. This may mean a list of thousands of your personal items will need to be provided to your insurance company along with the pricing for all of your contents. We can help with that.

Back to the Way You Were

Whether your repairs are minor, such as a new roof, or a major structural repair, we know how to get your property restored and hold your insurance company accountable.


Commercial Loss Insurance Claims

Blackstone Claim Services are Licensed Public Adjusters Serving property owners who have suffered storm damage in these states: Texas, Florida, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

Don’t see your state listed? Don’t panic! Give us a call. We may be able to assist you with your insurance claim or refer you to another Public Adjuster we’ve worked with and trust.

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