Blackstone Claim Services, Inc will investigate, document, and prove-up your claim, coordinating all of the necessary experts to fully document the scope of the damage to the property before compiling and submitting our estimate to the insurance company. We use a battery of forensic tests to determine whether previously denied or excluded damage is covered under the terms of the policy. Once our estimate is submitted, we’ll fight to get you paid what you’re owed under the terms of the policy - nothing more, nothing less.


We Work Exclusively For You.

Blackstone Claim Services, Inc has managed and negotiated thousands of claims across America. We offer the unmatched network of expert resources to efficiently mobilize and be at your side right away when it matters most. We work only for you, never for the insurance company. We approach your claim from a position of advocacy and handle every step to get you what you are entitled to from your policy. 


We Specialize in Tornado, Hail, Hurricane, Fire, Leaks, and Theft Claims.

Blackstone Claim Services, Inc is a public insurance adjusting firm that advocates for policyholders who have experienced a claimable loss on their insured property.  We show up when you need it most. If you experience sudden destruction to your home or business property, our team of professional Public Adjusters are there to protect you as you protect your family or business. 



President of Blackstone Claim Services 

Gary Pennington is the President of Blackstone Claim Services, Inc. and is widely regarded as the foremost expert in large loss adjusting in the State of Texas. This is, in part, evident by the fact that Mr. Pennington is one of only five public insurance

adjusters in the State of Texas to have more than twenty years of experience in the insurance adjusting industry. 


Over the course of his twenty-four year career, Mr. Pennington has helped thousands of clients ranging from property management companies with large multi-state portfolios to single family homeowners, winning more than $500,000,000 on behalf of his clients.


In addition to his role as the President of Blackstone Claim Services, Inc., Mr. Pennington served as the President of TAPIA (Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters) from October 2018 until October 2019. During his tenure as the President of TAPIA, Mr. Pennington organized, drafted, and passed comprehensive reforms aimed at increasing policyholder protections and raising the standards for public insurance adjusters in the State of Texas.


Hiring Gary Pennington and Blackstone Claim Services, Inc. to represent you and your interests during your insurance claim is hiring the best. Don’t leave anything to chance, hire an expert to advocate for your interests.


Texas Agency License #1939643

Texas Public Adjuster License #1302128

Colorado Public Adjuster License #579894

Virginia Public Adjuster License #1091760

North Carolina License #1263225

Florida Public Adjuster License #E16422

Public Adjuster

James is a Property Claims Adjuster with extensive experience in catastrophe environments. James' experience in construction management allows him to effectively interact and negotiate proper claim settlements with customers and contractors. He has successfully completed over 4,000 claims throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Texas Agency License #1939643

Public Adjuster

A naturalized Texan, Brian Pashen was raised in San Antonio and graduated from Texas State University in 2013. His attraction to public insurance adjusting began with the mismanagement of a close family member’s insurance claim. Today, Brian uses his skills to assist residential, commercial, and multi-family residential clients fight for what they are owed by their insurance company.

Texas Agency License #1939643 Colorado Public Adjuster License #602812
Florida Public Adjuster License #W595594
Indiana Public Adjuster License #723744
Lousiana Public Adjuster License #19040924

Public Adjuster

John didn't know that his career in real estate in the Texas Hill Country would lead him to a new career in public adjusting. He knows homes inside and out and is eager to assist with your residential insurance claim.

Texas Agency License #1939643
Texas Public Adjuster License #2447281


Michel has been a Xactimate-certified estimator for nearly 10 years with experience in the construction industry before that. That's why he knows what to look for to accurately assess and estimate your property damages & losses.

Texas Agency License #1939643

Executive Assistant

Khoa graduated at the University of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in Communication and minor in Business Administration. An international student with a big dream, Khoa is focused on developing a relationship with our many clients.

Tôi nói chuyện Việt Nam

Texas Agency License #1939643

Director of Administration

Texas Agency License #1939643